Chair Massage

Chair Massage

Research has proven that any type of massage, including chair massage, can reduce stress, improve sleep, help sore and tight muscles and enhance immunity. A seated chair massage is a great way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when time is of the essence. Chair Massage targets areas prone to unrelenting tension due to sitting behind a desk or in the car for extended periods of time. It can  help alleviate muscular discomfort, headaches and numbness in the hands. By sitting on a specially designed chair, postural muscles of the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms are easily addressed for compression massage and mobility stretching.

Available in 15 minute increments.  15 min.....$20

(key words: neck crick, stiff neck, shoulder stiffness, neck strain, back ache, muscle soreness, rotator cuff, fatigue, stress) 

Corporate Chair Massage

More and more corporations and small businesses are recognizing that investing in their employees wellness is worthwhile. Happy and healthy employees take less unscheduled time off (aka sick days or mental-health days) and make fewer trips to the doctor for stress related illness.  They are also more productive during working hours due to higher levels of energy and mental clarity.

There are countless ways to compensate and reward your hardworking staff. Managers are always looking for new ways to let their employees feel appreciated, and massage delivers a unique, lasting impression. For less than the price of a lunch out, an employee can receive a massage that will leave them feeling refreshed and relaxed for the entire day.


  • Attract more visitors to your booth by creating a “buzz” around your product.
  • Keep potential customers attention longer.
  • People will wait for a massage. You’ll have plenty of time to deliver your message.
  • Create happy relaxed customers to benefit your sales.


  • Let employees remedy aches and pains before they escalate to injury.
  • Help people stay focused on their work, not their discomfort.
  • Reduce office stress and maintain a peaceful environment.
  • Give people a tool to help them manage their health.
  • Boost morale.

  • Staff Appreciation (weekly, monthly, or quarterly)
  • Off Site Events & Tradeshows*
  • Quarter End & Employee Appreciation
  • Major Projects
  • Office Parties
  • Non-Cash Bonuses
  • Departmental Meetings & Seminars
  • Convention Promos*
  • Birthdays
  • Employee Recognition
  • Any Event that Requires a Special Touch


  • 5 minutes/12 employees per hour   perfect for company parties, wellness fair or motivational incentive
  • 10 minutes/6 employees per hour   employee fave!
  • 15 minutes/4 employees per hour   great for small offices or targeted employee groups


  • Company Subsidized  cost is covered by the company
  • Partially Company Subsidized  cost is split between company and employee
  • Employee Subsidized  employee pays full cost

                                                                                              Please contact Theresa for rates & additional booking details.
                                                                                                    (781) 351-9130


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