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Massage therapy was first used in emotional and physical healing 4000 years ago!  While the practice has ancient roots, it's as relevant to maintaining whole health today as ever before.  Our ancestors may not have understood the science behind the practice, but they felt the effects and believed in the benefits. Here's the scientific scoop: When a practitioner manipulates the muscle tissue, energy is transmitted to that local area and throughout the body. Combined with the healing properties of touch, it helps heal damaged muscle, stimulate circulation and clear waste products through the lymphatic system. As a result, this chain of events boosts the immune system, reduces pain and tension, and induces a calming effect. In addition, massage stimulates the release of natural painkillers and mood elevators and decrease certain stress hormone levels, all of which enhance well-being. And we can all use some of that!

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CUSTOMIZED SERVICES  (30, 60 or 90 Minutes)

Deep Relief Massage                                                          

Experience respite from severe tension, stubborn knots or chronic muscle pain and stiffness due to overexertion, injury or the physical & emotional effects of stress.  Whether your primary focus is stress relief or pain management, each treatment is personalized to address your specific tension pattern and tolerance for pressure. Despite popular belief, a deep tissue treatment does not have to leave you in more pain than when you came in!  By integrating various therapeutic techniques and intuitive skills into the treatment, you can experience the best of both worlds: pain relief and relaxation. Drink lots of water before and after for maximum healing and detoxification.
(key words: deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure, positional release, relaxation)

Restorative Massage                                                           
We heal best when we are at rest. Find healing, comfort and joy with this soothing full body treatment comprised of Swedish massage and gentle acupressure. Techniques are applied artfully and energetically to enhance relaxation in a session designed just for you. While your spirit settles and your mind is invited to rest and unwind, your body may release muscle fatigue, tension and toxins. This massage is for those who shy away from deep tissue in favor of a lighter touch and relish the idea of safe, peaceful place to find balance.
(key words: swedish, lymphatic, relaxation, acupressure)
For Mama-To-Be                                                                                                             

Receiving a massage during a healthy pregnancy can reduce swelling, relieve back and neck pain, improve muscle tone, stimulate the circulatory system and alleviate stress. You may also experience a better night's sleep by reducing nervous tension.  Not to mention -- it just feels so darn good!!!  For optimal body support and comfort, mama is able to be massaged prone while she nestles face down on a specially designed table to accommodate your growing belly. Or, if preferred, the massage may be performed in a traditional sidelying position. Either way, you'll be lulled into deep relaxation with nurturing touch. Available for mama-to-be in her first, second and third trimester with doctor's approval. 
(key words: pregnancy massage, prenatal, postnatal, circulation, swollen ankles, sciatica, lumbago)

Massage Cupping (for edema, injury and recovery)                                                                                                

Massage combined with a modified version of "cupping therapy" used in Traditional Chinese Medicine is an effective way of loosening hypertonic muscle, myofascial adhesions and scar tissue, and relieving inflammation and lymph build-up. Healing is promoted by pulling "stagnation" (stale blood, lymph, cellular debris, toxins) from deep within unhealthy muscle, allowing healthy blood and nutrients to flow back in. In cases of severe stagnation, it is not uncommon for discoloration or a "cup kiss" to be visible in the treated area. It is a harmless side effect that can last for a couple hours to a few days as the body cleans and expels the waste through its system. Weekend warriors love this treatment!
(key words: sports massage, lymphatic drainage, tendonitis, scar tissue, injury, inflammation)

Tension Tamer  (for sinus and tmj)                                                                                                 

This integrative massage can effectively alleviate pain associated with chronic headaches due to migraine, sinus and TMJD by relaxing muscle tension, releasing trigger points and stimulating acupressure points from the face to the shoulders. Various massage techniques and aromatherapy may be incorporated into a session designed just for you.
(key words: sinusitis, allergies, tmjd, bruxism, tension headaches, migraines, acupressure)


Aloha Massage

This Hawaiian style of massage (Lomi Lomi) is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms and hands, reminiscent of gentle waves moving over the body. A special feature of this style is that different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time. This assists the recipient in totally relaxing because it is very difficult for the brain to focus on the two different areas at once. By not working on areas in isolation, the mind relaxes and the whole body unwinds. The intention of the treatment is to restore harmony and balance.
(key words: lomi lomi, sacred lomi, hawaiian massage, flowing style, coconut oil)

Heart and Sole Massage

A restorative treatment that puts the attention on your head, hands and feet. Client is supported with bolsters in a semi-reclined position for maximum comfort. Hydrating lotions combined with healing essential oils are massaged into hands and feet, followed by a relaxing facial massage. Perfect for those suffering from arthritis, difficulty sleeping and stress. Suitable for those who are uncomfortable with full body massage. Comfortable, loose clothing should be worn.
(key words: relaxation, plantar fasciitis, swollen ankles, carpal tunnel, arthritis, insomnia, detoxification, beauty massage)

Thai Foot Reflexology                                                                                               

A Thai foot massage stimulates reflexology points on the foot soles. Treatment is performed on the feet and lower leg is massaged to melt stress and fatigue away. Using a special wooden foot stick, pressure is applied to specific reflex points. This ancient holistic technique aims to encourage optimal energy flow and stimulate the internal organs, as well as induce deep relaxation. Comfortable, loose clothing should be worn.
(key words: foot massage, relaxation, wellness, reflexology, detoxification)

Energy Balancing

Aromatherapy is a natural healing method that makes use of the therapeutic and metaphysical properties of essential oils to align and harmonize the energetic body, relieve stress, combat fatigue and address other issues on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Therapeutic grade essential oils combined with other energy balancing techniques are administered intuitively to facilitate a holistic healing experience. Comfortable, loose clothing should be worn.
(key words: relaxation, chakra, meditation, energy medicine, aromatherapy, acupressure, intuitive healing, transition, feeling stuck)                                                                                                     


Anti-Stress Express Massage  (40 Minutes) 
Most of us carry our stress on our backs. Tension can be felt gripping at the neck, piercing between the shoulder blades or nagging the low back.  Perhaps you're having trouble getting to sleep comfortably because your body is constantly reminding you that you're overworked and stressed to the max. Sound familiar?  This signature massage targets problem areas of neck, back, shoulders and hips to effectively reduce pain, relieve tension and relax away achy tight spots. Perfect if you just don't have time or need for a full body massage. It's also a great way to incorporate therapeutic massage into your life as part of a wellness plan on a budget.
(key words: deep tissue, trigger point, bad posture, postural muscle pain, headaches, text neck, relaxation, stress relief)      

Heaven & Earth Massage  (70 or 120 Minutes)

A synergistic blend of massage and energy work. Prepare for total body relaxation as your mind drifts off to la-la land. This session is comprised of a personalized massage to work out holding patterns of physical tension manifested by mental/emotional stress. Delivered along with deeply healing energy work, your relaxation is taken to the next level. This is a fantastic treatment to give as a gift or to experience yourself, especially if you tend to burn life at both ends and don't regularly incorporate massage or energy therapy into your lifestyle. Clients especially love giving & receiving this as a gift!
(key words: relaxation, stress relief, grief, mental & physical fatigue, chakra balancing, transition, feeling stuck)

Raindrop Therapy  (70 or 120 Minutes)          

For almost 30 years, Raindrop Technique® developed by D. Gary Young, has brought pain relief and wellness to thousands of people, especially those suffering with spine and immune system problems. This treatment combines the art of aromatherapy with techniques of reflexology and massage.
  Raindrop uses a layering process of 9 organic therapeutic grade essential oils applied along the spine and feet to promote muscle relaxation, tissue healing and improved circulation. The oils may help to align the spine and energy frequencies of the body and promote detoxification and self-healing.  This profoundly relaxing treatment uses oils which support the immune system, reduce inflammation, relax muscle spasms and enhance nerve function. Reasons to receive a treatment include neck and back pain, scoliosis, kyphosis, recovering from a cold/flu/illness, physical and mental fatigue, jet lag and can promote detoxification and lymphatic drainage. Definitely more relaxing than a flu shot! :)
(key words: pain relief, stress relief, detoxification, immune boost, lymphatic drainage, energy alignment, chronic back pain, scoliosis) 

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product/service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician regarding all medical conditions.


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